Famous Italian Cake's

Classic Italian Drink: Affogato






Servings: 2

Total Time: 12 hours 5 minutes


• Medium-coarse coffee ground: 2/3 cup

• Ice cream (vanilla): 2 scoops

• Dark chocolate (shaved): 2 tablespoons

• Cold water: 3 cups





Directions: Whisk cold water and coffee ground in a bowl.

Cover this bowl with a plastic wrap and keep it aside for almost 12 hours.

Whisk well and strain through a lined funnel (line funnel with wet paper towel) in one bowl.

Put ice cream scoops in 2 espresso or coffee cups.

Pour the ½ cup or ¼ cup cold coffee on the top of the cream.

Garnish with the shaved chocolate. Serve chilled.


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