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My name is Gene Peterson and many of you know me from my group, Buon Natale Italian Christmas Recipes.

I have a request for all my fellow cooks and bakers. I have done a reprint of a cookbook and over 700 people who said they wanted the book have reneged on the purchase.

So this means unless I get some of these extras sold I’m going to be stuck with all these extra books. Below is a brief story about Don Orione and the cookbook.

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The Friends of Don Orione Cookbook, compiled by the Cook Book Committee of The Friends of Don Orione, the Don Orione Women’s Council, Boston, Massachusetts; originally published in June,1976. Each recipe tried and true, most are attributed to the contributor, (the recipes were submitted by the many friends of Don Orione and the elderly guests of Don Orione).

Great Italian-American and other ethnic recipes in this splendid book include: ANTIPASTO: Antipasto, Antipasto Variato, Insalata di Riso – Rice Salad, Insalata Di Gamberi – Shrimp Salad, Insalata Di patatee Zucchini – Potato and zucchini Salad, Lettuce and Dandelion Salad, Strawberry Salad Mold, String Bean Salad, Antipasto Chicken Livers, Rainbow Salad, Insalata Agrumario, tomato and Onion Salad, Insalata Verde Alla Parmigiana – Green Salad Parmesan, Insalata di Stocco – Stockfish Salad, Insalata di Polo E Tonno – Chicken and tuna Salad, Insalata di Melenzana E Pimento – Eggplant and Piemento Salad, Insalata Di Carciofi – Artichoke Salad, Insalata di Sparagi – Asparagus Salad, Insalata Di manzo – Beef Salad, Insalata Di Peperoni rossi – Red Pepper Salad, insalata di Polpo – Octopus Salad, Insalata di Patate – Potato Salad, Insalata Di Aragosta – Lobster Salad, Melon with Italian Ham, Italian Risotto, Olive Puffs, Bread Sticks with Italian Ham, Mushrooms by Costa, rolled Fillets of Anchovies with Capers, Crabbies, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Stuffed Eggs with Piemento, Sardines with Green Olives, Tomato Slices with Basil, Apple Tempters, Dried Beef Pin Wheels. BREADS: Banana Nut Bread, Cranberry Bread, Crescent Roll Surprise, Mozzarella in Carozza’, Easter Breads, Anise toast, Pizza Dough, Panettone, Italian Doughnuts, Italian Fruit Bread, Italian Toast, Poppyseed and Nut roll, Pumpkin Bread, German Oven Pancake, Pasta Frolla, Polenta, Spinach rolls, Sicilian Rolls, Tarrali, Stuffed Calzone, Oatmeal Bread. CAKES: Apple Cake, Casata Alla Siciliana, Ricotta Italian Cheese cake, Blueberry coffee Cake, Boiled Cake, Peach Custard Cake, Sfogliatelli Dolce, Carrot Cake, Cheese Cake, Chiffon Cake, Chocolate Sombrero Cake, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, white Cake, Cucidata, Grandmother’s Christmas Cakes, Easter Cake, Italian Nut and Fruit Cake, Lemon Refrigerator Cake, Italian Christmas Eve Fruit roll, Plain Pound Cake, ravioli dolce, Sponge Cake, White Whiskey Cake, Walnut Cake, Ricotta Cake. COOKIES: Almond Cookies, Italian Anise Cookies, Anise Biscotti, Biscotti Dolci, Black Pepper Cookies, Susan’s Cookies, bourbon Balls, Butter Balls, Cherry Slices, Crisp Wafer cookie, Chocolate Spice Drops, Date-Nut bow Ties, Lilly’s Forgotten Cookies, Sandies, Italian Fruit Cookies, Italian Tea cookies, Pastry Cookie, Seven Layer cookies, Spiced ricotta Cookies, Italian Molasses cookies, Pastini di Frutta Cookies, Penoli Cookies, Italian Chocolate Cookies, Italian Card Party Cookies, Italian Cookies, St. Joseph’s Day Filled Cookies, Fruitcake Cookies, Honey Cookies, Grostoli, Ladyfinger Delight, Coconut Date Balls. DESSERTS: Zuppa Inglese, Cold cut ring, Easy Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Easter Tart, Ricotta blintzes, Blintzes Cheese Filling, Italian cheese Stuffed Pancakes, Canistrelli, Sweet bowknots, Zabaione, Sicilian Cream Tart, Chinese Chews, Pasticiotti, Sweet Little Damsels, Whoopie Pies, Roll-Ups, Strufoli – Honey Bubble.

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