Famous Italian Receipe

How To Make Athentic Italian Roasted Pepper Salad






Peppers – green and red bell, pasilla, anaheim or any combination of these or you can use all bell peppers.

Chopped garlic

Chopped parsley

Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar to taste (any vinegar you like)


Salt and pepper to taste




You need to roast the peppers until there skin on the outside is charred and the flesh of the pepper itself is getting nice and soft.

I place my peppers about 3 inches under the broiler but you can also do this outside on your barbeque if you like.

The key is to get the skin charred and the pepper soft because you don’t want crunchy peppers in your salad.

Once the peppers are charred and soft place them in a covered bowl to steam, this will allow you to peel the peppers when they cool, once they are cool to where you can handle them, peel them and tear them into strips and put into another bowl and add all the other ingredients.

Place in refrigerator and let mingle for at least an hour and serve at room temperature.


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