Region: Campania






It is a delicious treat with a sweet and sour taste of lemon.

You can serve it in parties to refresh the party guests.



Servings: 20

Total Time: 5 days 2 hours 20 minutes


• Zested lemons: 8

• Low-fat milk: 2 quarts

• White sugar: 2 cups

• Vodka: 3 cups



Combine vodka and lemon zest in one airtight container.

Cover the container and put in a dark and cool space for five days.

Shake the bottle at least once a day to redistribute the lemon zest.

Pour sugar and milk in a large pot and let it boil.

Stir frequently to dissolve sugar and turn off heat.

Let the milk cool to your room temperature.

Slowly mix vodka blend in the milk with the use of a sieve.

You have to discard the strained lemon zest.

Pour this limoncello in one capped bottle and put in your fridge for one hour.

Serve chilled.



How to make Sicilian Cannoli??


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