Region: Veneto

Rice, cabbage and sausage- Risotto, cavolo e salsiccia







Serves 4

320 g carnaroli rice

10 Swiss chard leaves

1 shallot

2 dry sausages

2 l stock



20 g butter

40 g grated parmesan

150 ml white wine



Cut the chard into strips, saving one entire leaf for decoration.

Clean and dice the shallot. Heat the butter in a pan, fry the shallot, add the rice and toast it until transparent.

Pour over the wine, a ladle of stock, and add the speck.

Continue to add stock as the rice absorbs it, stirring frequently.

Meanwhile brown the sausages in a pan, and then remove the skin and break up with a fork.

When the risotto is half cooked, add the chard.

Continue to add stock until the rice is cooked, but retains a soupy consistency.

Remove from heat and add sausages, butter, parmesan, salt and a generous serve of freshly ground pepper.

Serve hot.



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